Kurlus Osman

Kurlus Osman Episode 14

In an action-packed episode, Osman Bey and his resolute alps set their sights on the Byzantine city of Bilecik. Their mission unfolds with calculated precision, as they launch a determined assault on the city, determined to wrest control from their adversaries.

The clash is fierce and unrelenting, a test of their mettle and resolve. Osman Bey’s leadership shines brightly as they emerge victorious, their determination paying off as they claim Bilecik as their own. In a moment of triumph, Osman Bey is hailed as the Bey of Bilecik, his leadership recognized as a beacon of hope and strength for his people.

The episode becomes a pivotal chapter in the story of Osman Bey’s rise to leadership, marked by courage, determination, and an unwavering commitment to securing a future of sovereignty and honor for the Kayı tribe. The victory in Bilecik echoes through history as a testament to their resilience and their unyielding pursuit of justice and independence.


Osman Bey and his alps attack the Byzantine city of Bilecik. They are victorious, and Osman Bey is proclaimed Bey of Bilecik.

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1. Q: Why is Kuruluş Osman so popular in Turkey?

 A: Kuruluş Osman is popular in Turkey because it is seen as a patriotic show. It celebrates the history and achievements of the Ottoman Empire. It is also a well-made show with good acting and production values.

2. Q: What is the significance of the Kayi tribe?

A The Kayi tribe was the tribe that Osman I belonged to. They were a nomadic tribe that lived in Anatolia. Osman I led the Kayi tribe to victory over the Byzantine Empire and established the Ottoman Empire.

3. Q: What is the meaning of the word “Osman”?

 A: The word “Osman” means “firm” or “steadfast” in Turkish. It is a fitting name for Osman I, who was a strong and determined leader.

4. Q What are the controversies surrounding Osman I?

A: Osman I is a controversial figure. Some people view him as a hero, while others view him as a conqueror. His legacy is complex and contested.

5. Q: What are the future plans for Kuruluş Osman?

A: The future plans for Kuruluş Osman are not yet known. However, the show is still popular in Turkey, so it is likely to continue for several more seasons.

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