Kurlus Osman

Kurlus Osman Episode 9

In the aftermath of heartbreak and loss, a new chapter begins to unfold for Osman Bey. His path leads him to Malhun Hatun, a young woman hailing from the Bayındır tribe. As their lives intersect, a bond forms between them, woven from shared experiences and a mutual determination to shape their destiny amidst the challenges that surround them.

The union between Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun becomes a testament to resilience and the capacity of the human heart to heal. Their love story blooms against the backdrop of a world marked by adversity, a symbol of hope that life can flourish even amidst the trials that test their resolve.

As their lives intertwine, Osman Bey’s legacy takes on new dimensions, shaped not only by battles and victories but also by the intimate connections that define his personal journey. In Malhun Hatun, he finds a partner who walks alongside him, a reflection of his strength and a testament to the power of love to mend wounds and guide them through the intricate tapestry of history.


Osman Bey marries Malhun Hatun, a young woman from the Bayındır tribe.

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1. Q: Why is Kuruluş Osman so popular in Turkey?

 A: Kuruluş Osman is popular in Turkey because it is seen as a patriotic show. It celebrates the history and achievements of the Ottoman Empire. It is also a well-made show with good acting and production values.

2. Q: What is the significance of the Kayi tribe?

A The Kayi tribe was the tribe that Osman I belonged to. They were a nomadic tribe that lived in Anatolia. Osman I led the Kayi tribe to victory over the Byzantine Empire and established the Ottoman Empire.

3. Q: What is the meaning of the word “Osman”?

 A: The word “Osman” means “firm” or “steadfast” in Turkish. It is a fitting name for Osman I, who was a strong and determined leader.

4. Q What are the controversies surrounding Osman I?

A: Osman I is a controversial figure. Some people view him as a hero, while others view him as a conqueror. His legacy is complex and contested.

5. Q: What are the future plans for Kuruluş Osman?

A: The future plans for Kuruluş Osman are not yet known. However, the show is still popular in Turkey, so it is likely to continue for several more seasons.

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